April 06, 2010

A Slice of Heaven...

"It could solve all the problems of the world, that pie...
[it's] a thing of beauty —
 how each flavor opens itself one by one, 
like a chapter in a book.
First the flavor of an exotic spice hits you,
 just the hint of it. 
And then you're flooded with chocolate, 
dark and bittersweet, like an old love affair.
 And finally strawberry, 
the way strawberry was always supposed to taste but never knew how”.
-          Old Joe (Andy Griffith)            

My favourite dessert creation is the Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie. If you've seen the movie Waitress, you'll remember that it was the ultimate satisfaction for both Jenna and Old Joe. I couldn't agree more. With its fresh strawberries, creamy center and just the right amount of chocolate, a slice (or two or six) of Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie can really solve all of the problems in your world.        

If you're feeling the heat right now, or just really want to indulge, continue reading for my first time ever sharing the recipe!

Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie
As Inspired by the Film Waitress


-          1 Premade Deep-Dish Pie Crust (I use all Vegetable Shortening, but it doesn’t matter...unless you are vegetarian...which I'm not, but having someone unable to eat your pie due to it containing dead animal is, needless to say, rather awkward)
-          1 Cup (250 ml) Whipping Cream (70% if available... Fat gives things flavour!)
-          Vanilla Extract and Sugar (or French Vanilla Torani) (optional)
-          ½ Cup Icing Sugar
-          1 Jar Hot Fudge Topping
-          Dark Chocolate
-          2 Tbsp Butter (or more if necessary)
-          2 Tbsp Milk
-          A Small Sprinkle of Nutmeg (optional)
-          1 Container Strawberry Cream Cheese, Softened and at room temperature (I use Philadelphia. The store brand is usually noticeably worse. And don’t buy low fat!)
-          1 Pint Strawberries


1)      Bake Pie Crust following instructions on box. Remember to check while baking in case bubbles form. If so, poke with fork. Set aside to cool.

2)      Wash and dry strawberries. Set aside what you think is the best looking strawberry in the bunch, and leave its stem on. With the remaining strawberries, removed stems and cut lengthwise into about 4-5 slices. Separate slices in two piles: one with the outside slices of the strawberry & ones that are crooked/awkward, and one pile of the nicely cut ones.

3)      Over medium heat, melt about 1/3 of hot fudge topping, nutmeg, 1 Tbsp of both butter and milk, and some dark chocolate. Heat until it is nice and gooey.

4)      Pour Chocolate mixture into crust. It should layer the crust completely and not take up more than ¼ of the entire depth of the pie crust. 

5)      While the mixture is still warm, place the best not-so-nice slices of strawberries on top, so the pie is covered as much as possible. Use the nicer strawberries if necessary. Place in fridge to cool chocolate. 

6)      In a large bowl, beat whipping cream until it is stiff. I usually add a small amount of vanilla extract and sugar, or French vanilla Torani if I have some just to give it more flavor.

7)       Add icing sugar and strawberry cream cheese. Beat until smooth. Add in about 1 Tablespoon of hot fudge and finely chopped bits of the “ugly” strawberries. Mix until contents are nicely blended and relatively firm. Spoon contents into piecrust. Cover and place in fridge for several hours, or overnight, to chill and set.

8)      Once filling is chilled enough to bear weight of strawberry slices, heat remaining fudge, chocolate, butter, and milk in a small saucepan. Once it reaches the consistency of previous chocolate mixture, dip the “perfect” strawberry into the chocolate stem up until it is covered about halfway. Set Aside. Allow the chocolate mixture to cool enough that it is still gooey but not hot enough to melt pie filling.

9)      Pour the majority of the chocolate mixture in a ring on top of the filling along the edge of the crust of the pie, about ½ inch wide. Cover the layer of chocolate with the “nice” strawberries, with their points facing in towards the centre of the pie. 

10)  Pour more of the chocolate mixture into the centre of the pie. Arrange more of the strawberry slices in a circle, points inward. 

11)  Place the chocolate covered strawberry in the centre on top of these slices.

12)  Chill pie for several hours before serving. 

It may seem daunting, but it really isn't. As I mentioned in the Lobster Thermidor post, the main barrier with cooking is fear of failure...(to quote Julia Child again... I think she would appreciate the taste and caloric intake that this cake must have).

Hopefully a slice of this pie is the relief you might need during hectic times.


  1. I just made a couple of these babies after watching Waitress again. I found a few recipes on line, but yours looked the best by far. They came out great! I poured dark chocolate ganache rings in nesting style on the top of the pie and ran a skewer through it to make it look like a web, and then covered the whole top with sliced berries instead of just the two rings you did. The pie is delicious! I might also recommend that you mix the cream cheese and sugar in a separate bowl from the whipped cream, and then fold the whipped cream into it so it stays firm and fluffy. Great recipe!! Many thanks!!

  2. In step #3...how much dark chocolate should be used ?